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"Friend" or not, MedHelp has a rule about a maximum of 2 questions every 6 months. Do not post any more questions on this or the STD forum for at least that long. Even if you have to translate for your "friend", he can pick his own username and you can help post his question. HHH, MD. Thank you all for being there for me in my time of need! My tests results came back " "NEGATIVE" 3.5 months after my possible exposure. I am crying with joy as I write this. I paid $15 and posted a question in the MedHelp HIV forum and it didn't come up! I was so anxious to have it answered and all Dr. HHH could say was "I don't know". It kinda upset me since he is suppos. Dr. Edward W. Hook answer. - STDs - MedHelp - STDs - MedHelp Welcome back to the Forum.??If you had questions answered in the past it must have been using a different pseudonym as I see no prior posts under this name.

Dr. HHH, I have unfortunatly been with several "professional" escorts. I have not had unprotected sex except 2 occasions of oral--no orgasm. I had an HIV, hepatitis, and herpes test at approximately 8 months all exposures and it was all negative. 2. Its really crazy Dr, as I have read so many sources online including yours and Medhelp Dr HHH, Dr Hook, Dr Jose stating that hiv test for antibodies is conclusive between 6-8 weeks, but YET there is the guidelines of 12 weeks / 3 months still. Some even said 6 months!!! Which i really cannot fathom and understand at all. Why is there such.

HHH about the percentage of accuracy of my HIV test in day 41 roughly 6 weeks since my exposure.I use 3rd generation test antibody test.As i known, this test is not as reliable as 4th generation test both antibody and antigen test. Do i need to re-test in week 12. Dr. However, I read many posts answered by Dr HHH or Dr EWH and according to their viewpoints I engaged in safe sex activities, which rarely transmit STDs. So, I doubted my first doctor's diagnosis and asked for a biopsy, which is the most reliable method to diagnose genital warts by far. The result further gives support to their viewpoints. They. Dr. Hehr ist ein absolut kompetenter Arzt der den individuellen Menschen sieht und nicht eine 08/15 Diagnose auf alle überträgt. Er hört zu, hinterfragt und überweist auch wenn nötig an Fachärzte. Ich hatte schon mehrere Situationen, bei denen eine Diagnosestellung nicht ganz so einfach war und Dr. Hehr hatte immer das richtige Gespür. If experts says that it appears early in the disease, they are talking about usually within a year of infection. Same with thrush. Thrush or glossitis / OHL usually are signs of overt AIDS and do not appear until a person had HIV for many years. Look, take a test now. your exposure was 5 months ago, right? any result beyond 3 months is conclusive.

  1. I've been in a relationship for two years now with my girlfriend. We don't do oral, we also do not practice anal sex. She got her female checkup about 2 months ago and came out with a yeast infection, but other than that she was all good.
  2. Dr.HHH is great. he was right on with me. Just read his bio he is not your average online DR. This guy has everything it takes to be the expert. Funny how some will take the word of an unknown some where in the world as a so-called expert and disreguard a true expert. I.
  3. Hello Dr HHH, Im a 26 year old man, I had unprotected Vaginal sex 14 weeks ago. I tested at: 6,21 days 6 weeks and 10 weeks all on the HIV DUO. Then at 13 weeks using an Hiv insti. What concerns me is that I have got some lypmh swelling for an unexplained reason.

ASHA’s Ask the Experts service gives you access to health professionals specialize in HPV, herpes, general STIs and sexual health. This valuable service is offered for a fee of $25 per question, with 2 follow up questions allowed after the original response from one of our experts. Our experts may also ask you some questions, to help better understand your concerns and get you the answers. Dear Dr. Bob, Some other MD's like Dr. HHH alsays that a negative antibody test taken at weeks 6-8 is nearly 100% accurate. Why does he say that?? Do you agree with him?? I've seen in sev. Question. Brevity is always appreciated so i'll be concise. You say that immunodeficiency diseases may cause false negatives in antibodies tests, period; whereas HIV expert at Medhelp dr HHH says.

Dr HHH Please answer - HIV - Prevention

Dry cough alone is not a valid indication of HIV acute infection, having said that, sometime people do not experience any visible symptom but they are infected. So, symptom do not mean much. You have exposed yourself to HIV risk through unprotected sex with someone of unknown HIV status, therefore instead of focusing at meaningless symptoms, go and get yourself tested NOW. Doctor answers on Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and More: Dr. Phelan-adams on dr hhh hiv: The duo test is conclusive, for all practical purposes, any time 4 weeks or more after the last possible exposure. for topic: Dr Hhh Hiv. mostly its my thighs, abdomen, buttocks, chest and arms. nothing helps and there is absolutely no symptoms. no bumps, rash, or anything.my sister has tried a million different medications and i have tried many different oils and herbal remedies. nothing helps at all. i usually wake up in the morning and have to itch for at least an hour before i start my day. it is the worst in the morning. I have had a very informative and helpful discussion with Dr Bray. He was excellent. However I am terrified and full of - Answered by a verified Doctor. Dear Dr. HHH 44 days ago I had a brief vaginal exposure to a Jamaican CSW. I was the insertive partner however condom broke. After I heard a sound and felt that something is wrong I took my penis out of her vagina. 50 hours later the exposure I get into tests for chlymadia and geonerhea. Do you think that 50 hours is enough to get tested.

Hey Dr. Bob! Firstly, I want to give you a quick shout out and some love for your advice on here. Thank you very much. My question is concerning this other site that seems to be popular amongst the co. Dear Doctor, I went to my doctor with a complain of burning sensation while urinating. He took the urine sample for testing and gave me doxyline and ciprohexal antibiotics. Urine test shows high white blood cell count but it was not tested for gonorrhea. So doctor again took the sample of urine for testing but i was already on antibiotics for 5 days.Eventually the test came negative for both.

Hoodia Gordonii Plus diet pills is cutting-edge, advanced appetite suppressant, metabolism booster, fat burner and energy enhance. Herpes risks with s dr hhh medhelp HIV transmission risk, symptoms, testing, for Dr HHH - MedHelp. I also appreciate reading the professional and nonjudgmental advice you give others with HIV-related questions.I noticed that over time, and this is just my perception, that yours and the other physicians' opinions on certain issues have varied somewhat; i.e., several years ago you advised that oral sex was "low risk"advising against engaging in oral sex with a known hiv-infected individual. Zentrum unserer Praxis für Allgemeinmedizin in Blaustein sind Sie als Patient mit Ihren individuellen gesundheitlichen Fragen. Wir haben das Ziel - im Sinne einer ganzheitlichen Medizin - Sie so vollständig und umfassend wie möglich zu untersuchen, um Sie optimal präventiv beraten und.

  1. Dear Dr. HHH, I am a great fan of your work and I hope you will answer this question, although quite similar in many ways to many others. My exposure was as follows - I met an asian girl let's assume high risk who took a gulp of beer 5% alcohol from my bottle and transferred to my mouth through a lip-lip kiss, essentially a kiss with a mouth - mouth drink transfer.
  2. Dr. HHH, HIV tested while bacterial/viral pneumonia/RSV & its meds, false neg?

MedHelp didn't really HELP.please Dr. Bob!.

I have also read in the medhelp archives that Dr. HHH and Dr. Edward Hook of medhelp say that the HIV/HCV coinfection has no effect on the window period of HIV. Dr. Bob. Please post this TRANSMISSION VIA ORAL SEX, 2010 Sep 15, 2010. because it is rarely asked actually often asked but rarely posted. I gave a BJ and got cum in my mouth all other posts.

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