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Atlanta offers hundreds of trivia get-togethers that let you test your mind, along with your other lingering appetites. Wait, not a section for actually Offering the biggest, hardest bare surface in the entire state, Stone Mountain is huge.If you’re de Grasse Tyson-level smart, not only can you invite potential hookups to these events, but also sneak out in between questions and enjoy the type of cheating that reveals more than just the right answers... These ancient artifacts of the pre-Internet age still offer plenty of hookup escapism -- and, to get specific, A Capella can help you sing that amorous tune. Go to the romance section and see if you can read a few passages together and get in the mood. Its 583 carnal acres are surrounded by everything from railroads and lakes, to museums, and, of course, the world-famous laser show.The real beauty of this place, however, comes from the fact that they don't have a lot of employees, meaning no one sporting a velour jumpsuit and weird mustache will walk up on you and quote clichéd lines from the 2003 comedy classic, No list of public places to hook up in Atlanta would be complete without the Skyview. How the hell else do you expect to get into the "200ft Club"?

Smart, geeky people need to hook up, too (and throw some back on a random Wednesday).Atlanta is filled with unique places to meet singles: yoga classes, wine classes, basically every dive bar seen here (shout-out to Euclid Ave Yacht Club! But after meeting said single person, where do you take them if your/their apartment isn't an option? Side note: don't show up expecting an orgy, but DO show up expecting to meet some cool people who can show you cool, secluded spots in nature. You obviously can’t do the deed on stage, and if you take photos, they will kick your ass out (which is good news for you). And although non-members pay more for certain events, as long as you can play the part of an alumni, it won't be that difficult to find yourself in a position to... There’s tons of shows almost every weekend, and the Chamblee Summer Concert Series in Peachtree Park is a perennial favorite. They're called the Hash House Harriers, and they love going for runs, singing dirty songs, and grabbing beers and other recreational items afterwards. If DJ Romeo Cologne, the Funk Godfather, can undress his music to the barest of human souls, and Blondie the dancer can bash beer cans between her breasts, then you can definitely find the time to hook up here. Alumni associations almost never card you at the door to see if you’re the real deal (please don't ask me how I know). Those two examples aren't mutually exclusive, but you get the picture.In her interview of University of Pennsylvania students, New York Times journalist Kate Taylor noted “women universally said that hookups could not exist without alcohol, because they were for the most part too uncomfortable to pair off with men they did not know well without being drunk.” Added one Penn student, “Guys assume that (when drinking is involved) the default answer is always yes.” The “double standard” is alive and well.As Bogle notes, “The hookup culture definitely affects the genders differently in at least two important ways.

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Researchers Freitas and Campbell found that while women usually feel worse after a hookup than men do, 39% of men expressed extreme regret, shame and frustration with themselves about their hookup experience.