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Backdating software not trading

The results of the prison correspondence and visits plus Soltes’ research on white-collar criminology resulted in his 2016 book, “Why They Do it: Inside the Mind of the White-Collar Criminal” (Public Affairs).Soltes was a keynote speaker at the 28th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference, June 18-23.If consent is sought from the Director (which is normally evidenced by a final receipt in the case of a prospectus containing the representation), the Commission will require (i) Unless otherwise approved by the listed issuer's security holders (other than security holders receiving warrants directly or indirectly and such security holders' associates and affiliates), warrants to purchase listed securities may only be issued to a placee if the warrant exercise price is not less than the market price of the underlying security at either the date of the binding agreement obligating the listed issuer to issue the warrants or some future date provided for in the binding agreement, as applicable, must be filed with TSX in sufficient time for TSX to review the mechanics, pricing and timing of the rights offering in order to maintain an orderly market.Harvard business professor Eugene Soltes is on a years-long quest to discover why topflight executives become white-collar criminals.Soltes, a university business school professor, began to think about a different type of criminal — the white-collar variety — none of whom lived the harsh lives of the incarcerated who were profiled on “Lockup.” Many of these fraudsters lived extraordinarily comfortable lives, but their crimes adversely affected themselves, their families, employees, investors and companies. Driven by curiosity, Soltes began to write to several former executives who were serving sentences for fraud.He asked them the first dozen questions that came to mind.

“From my perspective,” Richards says in Soltes’ book, “the preprinting of dates was nothing more than a subtle reinforcement to the customer that something needed to happen before a particular time.” However, Soltes says, in preprinting the dates, Richards and his sales people effectively eased the end-of-quarter rush by artificially extending the quarter to include several additional days.“With the charities he duped — he sees that these funds only had a lot of money because of the false returns they made earlier.So, it was like they gave him some money, he grew it, but then he took it away, so it’s no harm in the end. So, he was able to have some comfort because of how he’s able to view the world in that very particular manner,” Soltes says.Eventually, millions in CA revenues were attributed to earlier quarters, earning targets were met or exceeded and the company’s stock price shot upward.“This is nothing more than a timing issue,” Richards was quoted in Soltes’ book. 30, 2000, CA prematurely recognized more than .3 billion in revenue from at least 363 software contracts that CA, its customer or both parties hadn’t yet executed, in violation of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

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