Black guy dating mexican girls for dating in mumbai

Posted by / 23-Oct-2018 20:26

there were very friendly when i lived in houston, always flirting and wanting to get close to me.

i did have the feeling that i could get with just about any mexican girl i wanted, though.unlike dallas and san antonio, where there are a lot of black/mexican couples, mostly mexicans girls and black guys. You are wrong it's like that all over the USA black's are just 2 easy to fool!!You black COON'S it's not the WHITE MAN THAT'S GOING TO KILL YOU IT'S THE MEXICAN'S WAKE UP WAKE UP!! 1 i'd say in general mexican girls like black guys.Every race/culture just tends to look out for their own (and blacks do this just as much if not more than anyone else), but at the same time they do sympathize with how blacks have been oppressed by whites.I mean most of us Hispanics are not really white nor are we black, and I think that too much racial mixing (especially with blacks) would definitely be bad too.

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Mexican's are the new KKK for black's plus the girl's 2 me is ugly & fat as hell!!

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