C dataadapter not updating dating in he last fifty years

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C dataadapter not updating

Dim str SQL As String Dim sql Cmd As Sql Command Dim sql Conn As Sql Connection str SQL = "INSERT INTO My Table (Col1, Col2) VALUES........." sql Conn = New Sql Connection("........") sql Cmd = New Sql Command(str SQL, sql Conn) sql Conn. The same row can also be inserted using Sql Data Adapter like this: Dim d Set As Data Set Dim d Row As Data Row Dim d Table As Data Table Dim sql Cmd As Sql Command Dim sql Conn As Sql Connection Dim sql Dapter As Sql Data Adapter sql Conn = New Sql Connection("..........") sql Dapter = New Sql Data Adapter sql Cmd = New Sql Command("SELECT * FROM My Table", sql Conn) sql Dapter. Since this post comes up among the first ones on google when looking for "sqldataadapter/insert/data", I wanted to reply to it. Close() But if the Sql Data Adapter object is used to insert/update/delete records in the data source, is it ALWAYS necessary to first make the necessary changes in the Data Set for the data source to reflect the changes? The code I have shown in my first post (which doesn't use Sql Data Adapter) inserts a row in the data source....correct? If you want to update your Data Source without that line you have commnted then try to fill again your Data Set with the Updated values from the Data Base...A couple scenarios illustrate why you would want to work with disconnected data: people working without network connectivity and making Web sites more scalable.Consider sales people who need customer data as they travel.Data Sets only hold data and do not interact with a data source.It is the Sql Data Adapter that manages connections with the data source and gives us disconnected behavior.This is okay because they have a given region or customer base where other people won’t be changing the same records.

Every cycle has it`s own ID, and I would like to know to, if cycles`s ID is needed when putting the new values back to database?

This is the reason why I am asking whether it is mandatory to update the Data Table first before updating the data source? As what i have observed in your code you are just Updating the values from your Database and not in the Data Table so thats why its mandatory to have that line you have commented out..

So is it ALWAYS necessary to first make the changes in the Data Table for the data source to reflect the change when Sql Data Adapter is used? what i mean is that you can INSERT data to your database without using sql Data Adapter like using System. As I said in my previous post, if the blue lines in the code in that post are commented, then the INSERT SQL statement doesn't insert a new row in the data source. Well im not really sure about that because im not doing that before..

Tables("My Table") sql Cmd = New Sql Command("INSERT INTO My Table (Col1, Col2) VALUES (@Val1, @Val2)", sql Conn) With sql Cmd . It might also mean a high risk for a Data Integrity bug like in this example where the data is set directly.

So if you would try to omit that line the changes doesn't reflect in your datasource as what you have noticed..

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The Sql Data Adapter opens a connection only when required and closes it as soon as it has performed its task.

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