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Church islam dating

There is evidence of problems between Christians and Muslims in the general populace, for example, the Coptic uprising in Egypt in 829–830.

During this period, Islam inherited the learning of the Hellenistic tradition. 813–833) founded an academy to translate works of science, philosophy, and medicine from Greek into Arabic; the Bible was one of the few religious works translated.

Nonetheless, when the Jews were evicted from Spain in 1492, they went to Muslim lands.

Sometimes the positive and sometimes the negative aspect has received greater emphasis in the history of Muslim relations with Christians.Islamic learning and Islamic legal tolerance survived the disintegration of political unity and became important elements of the medieval world.The ninth century contained the seeds of major changes in Christian-Muslim relations.The translations of Arabic texts into Latin from the eleventh through the thirteenth centuries played a role in the development of western European civilization similar to that of the earlier translations of Greek texts into Arabic.Christians and Jews studied with Muslims at the universities of Córdoba (968) and Cairo (972), perhaps influencing the later development of western European universities (Paris, 1150; Bologna, 1119).

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