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Computer not updating wsus server

To continue with the example above, if computer A is assigned to both the Payroll and the Accounts Payable groups, and Update1 is approved for both groups, it will be deployed only once.

You can assign computers to computer groups by using one of two methods, server-side targeting or client-side targeting.

For example, if all the computers in one department (such as the Accounting team) have a specific configuration, you can set up a group for that team, decide which updates their computers need and what time they should be installed, and then use WSUS reports to evaluate the updates for the team.

Computers are always assigned to the All computers group, and remain assigned to the Unassigned computers group until you assign them to another group. Computer groups can be set up in hierarchies (for example, the Payroll group and the Accounts Payable group below the Accounting group).

If you select a computer in the list, you can see its properties, which include general details about the computer and the status of updates for it, such as the installation or detection status of an update for a particular computer.

For more information about managing computer groups, see Managing computer Groups in the next section of this guide, and section 1.5.

If you find that your WSUS clients are not sending status updates back to the server then this is something you’ll want to check out: ================= You may notice that your clients will check into WSUS and install updates properly but don’t send any status reports back to the server even though you can see that events were being generated locally.

If you review the IIS logs you may also see that the client IP addresses never attempt to post to the WSUS servers “reportingwebservice”.

Plan WSUS computer groups in Step 1: Prepare for Your WSUS Deployment of the WSUS deployment guide.

Note You must first configure client computers to contact the WSUS server before you can manage them from that server.

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This computer is currently scheduled to install these updates on ? In my case Config Mgr 2007 had already been uninstalled so we could not revert the setting back to “Create all WSUS reporting events” unless Config Mgr 2007 was reinstalled, however the above settings are exposed via a “clientreportinglevel” property of “IUpdate Server Configuration” so I wrote a tool to configure the various members of this property: All = Clients should send all reporting information to the server None = Clients should not report update status or activity reports to the server Status Only = Clients should send update status reports to the server, but not activity reports.