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At the hotel room, Derice and Irv reprimand Sanka, Yul, and Junior and remind them what is at stake for the team.

The team resolves to view the contest more seriously, continuing to train and improve their technique.

Derice Bannock, a top 100m runner, fails to qualify at the Olympic Trial for the 1988 Summer Olympics when fellow runner Junior Bevil trips and falls, taking Derice and another runner, Yul Brenner, with him.

To compete in the Olympics, Derice and his best friend, Sanka Coffie, a champion push cart racer, seek out Irv Blitzer, an old friend of Derice's father Ben who tried to recruit sprinters to the bobsled team years ago.

Junior tells the team about his own father's struggle and how he became rich with hard work.

He encourages Yul not to give up on achieving all of his goals and the two begin to show a mutual respect for one another.

Before Jon Turteltaub was officially hired, Jeremiah S.

They qualify for the finals, but are subsequently disqualified due to a technicality which the Olympic committee trotted out as retribution for Irving's prior cheating scandal.

A frustrated Irving storms the committee meeting and confronts his former coach from the 1972 Olympic Winter Games Kurt Hemphill, now a primary judge of the 1988 Olympic Winter Games.

In Calgary, Irving manages to acquire an old practice sled, as the Jamaicans have never been in an actual bobsled.

The Jamaicans are looked down upon by other countries, in particular the East German team whose arrogant leader, Josef, tells them to go home, resulting in a bar fight.

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Junior comes through for them when he sells his car, which gets the team the money that they need.

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