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Disillusioned, Hugh left the music industry and moved to North Carolina in 1994, where he began writing music freelance.

Afterwards, he moved back northeast to take a job teaching songwriting at Berklee College of Music in Boston in 1999.

It remained in use until Criminals were tried at the Old Bailey and then sentenced to death in groups at the end of each Sessions before being returned to Newgate prison to await their fate.

Prior to 1752, murderers were treated in the same way, although it was not unusual for them to be executed more quickly than other felons.

During his 20s, Hugh supplemented his income as a rock and soul musician by accompanying modern dance classes.After the Sessions finished, the Recorder prepared his report for submission to the King and Privy Council indicating which prisoners the Court felt should hang and which should have their sentences commuted, usually to transportation.Those not reprieved would be kept in the condemned areas of Newgate in abysmal conditions, and it was not unusual for one or two to die of Goal Fever or other illness before their execution date.After Hugh had arranged and recorded this song, Olivia Newton-John was given rights of first release, then recorded it herself and released it as a single under the name "Can't We Talk It Over In Bed". and overseas, at first opening for Dickey Betts, Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson, Sheena Easton and Phoebe Snow, before beginning several years of headlining his own tours.Hugh subsequently released his version which became a hit. Hugh's second major label album Road to Freedom (MCA Records, 1992) was voted "one of the year's top-ten albums" by Billboard Magazine and received rave reviews. of the Miami Herald said: "Have I heard any newcomer in the last decade who excites me as much as this guy?

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He broke into the Billboard Hot 100 in 1989 with three singles from his album Blind to Reason (RCA Records, 1988).