Date an intersexed lady

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You are so pretty, even:) What matters in this world is for one to be happy. If 20 thousand micro Coulombs = 20 milli Coulombs is not enough for easy sliding the hair out then that means that you miss the target, more precision is needed. Wonderful in your red long dress, sitting on the chair. but I am only dressing sometimes at home or going out at night in shorts, pantys and other funny feminin cloths. but I always like to read the stories of other transgender people.

Your advice is incisive, educational, illuminating and always welcome. I am happy for you, that ultimately, you are happy as a woman, which is what you were meant to be. The charge per hair must be below 20 thousand micro Coulombs, else skin is damaged (small scars and indentations forever). Like to read about your life - and like to see that beautyful woman.

After many bendings-unbendings a needle breaks, then take another needle.

I try as well, but sometimes listening to some people spout things like they know what they are talking about gets to me, I keep trying. You'll bend needle, especially at first - don't throw it away, unbend with another pair of tweezers with the ends covered with soft plastic tubes. I am glad that progress has slowly come to the East. I will be in France this July, after I finish my master's, and I hope to go to Ukraine some time, perhaps, next year.

Since i'll never meet you...I can do is send you both my heart....the next time you feel a gentle wind,blowing softly on your cheekz.....that it's just me there,cheering you on. lye) remain near the needle (mostly where resistance in lower, i.e.

It must take so much courage,to live in this overly-oppresive culture you're in. I'm so happy for you....finding your sweetheart...look so happy together....her I say hello. pure DC, a simple electrochemical process: part of water molecules in the body is dissociated to H ion (proton) and OH- ion, an electron from the needle joins with the H ion resulting in hydrogen atom, two hydrogen atoms join into hydrogen molecule, hydrogen gas bubbles out (too little of it to inflame), OH- ions (i.e.

Pozalyjsta ja Vas ocen prosy posavetyjte mne cto delat! Name: Becky Taylor , E-Mail: , City: Richmond , Home Page URL: Comments: Just stopping in to say hey and express appreciation for your extensive research and willingness to share it. Interests can take a look into my work on: you very much and hope to meet again. If you haven't an ammeter able to measure current up to 1 m A (milliampere) then buy a cheap Chinese pocket-sized digital multimeter, for example on e Bay (search for "pocket digital multimeter", in the search results choose "Sort by:" - "Price Shipping: lowest first", about with free shipping worldwide, looking about like this, if same then use the bottom two sockets, at the beginning of each session rotate the center switch clockwise for 4 clicks to the 2000 position - then current strength is shown as integer number in micro Amperes; at the end of each session turn the switch back to the OFF position).

hotel bi i ja ctobi y menja polycilos stat Zensinoj,ja yze s etoj mislej zivy kazdij den vsu svou soznatelnyu zizn,xotja ja ese molod. If you could put a little note to your site, it might help to find my portraits. In this case the simpler the better, resist the temptation to make improvements.

I want to thank you again for having it made possible. Hugs & Kindest regards Paula ps: if your ever get to go on a world trip on a ship like the "Sapphire Princess" or the "Statendam", you may well be visiting Port Chalmers, my home town. No such devices here, so I devised another, more convenient way: no device at all. Suitable training place is front surface of the chin, but not in the pit at the center just below the bottom lip (a relatively painful place, as well as mustache, especially along the lip and just under the nose, but still bearable without anesthetic; other places are practically painless). Name: Josephine Shaffer , E-Mail: , City: Johnstown, Pa. Name: Natasha The Terrible , E-Mail: , City: Laguna Woods, CA, USA Comments: I found your site very interesting. Name: Heather Caroline Huffman , E-Mail: , City: Derby, Kansas USA Comments: I am very impressed and applaud you Lena. I moved from Lugansk in 1992, when I was a teenager, and I have been in the States ever since. Name: veta klee , E-Mail: , City: Gulf Breeze Comments: Po moemu vseakie gadosti pishut liudi, kotoryh obshestvo uje polomalo, naveazalo svoi stereotipy, no v dushe oni takie je kak i my, oni ne mogut eto priznat' i poetomu beseatsea. First 10-20 hours will be difficult, but you'll master hitting the invisible target, it's not rocket science, others managed. Name: Nicole Paige , E-Mail: , City: New York Comments: I am an admirer of yours from various groups including crone, FFS, voicets and related TS yahoo forums. Name: Odhiambo WASHINGTON , E-Mail: Comments: Hi Lena, I have visited your page, and looked at the photos and sincerely, I must say you made all the RIGHT choices. I understand how people here feel about Transgender people, it is not easy. Quantity of lye produced with the current is directly proportional to charge. Comments: Hi Lena, just want to thank you for the websites. I am actually british born but I have spent the past 17 years living and working in Russia and the Ukraine. Current strength in micro Amperes multiplied to time of passing the current in seconds is called "charge" in micro Coulombs. Name: Sarasvathi , E-Mail: , City: far away , Home Page URL: Hi! You are a very beautiful person - no matter who you are.

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