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Our menu, consist of most cuisines from à la mauricienne, Chinese and Indian.

The Gold Crest Hotels also caters for events and outside caterings.

Built in the Italian style and enjoying, thus, appreciable acoustics, it can host up to 1500 spectators with its 54 boxes, its 450 first class seats, its 422 second class seats, its 426 third class seats and its standing gallery for 100 more spectators.

Contribute to Living on Earth and receive, as our gift to you, an archival print of one of Mark Seth Lender's extraordinary hummingbird photographs.It lies on the western slope of the island, just south of Port Louis, the capital.The town was originally two separate communities, Beau Bassin and Rose Hill, but these have now merged into one, as a consequence of the rapidly increasing island population.Follow the link to see Mark's current collection of photographs.Beau Bassin-Rose Hill, town, the second largest settlement on the island of Mauritius, in the western Indian Ocean.

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And, in parallel with the film projections which never stopped since the opening of the theatre gathering the amateurs, the three bangs preceding the opening of the traditional red curtain were regularly waited for by the audience.