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Dating sites for old hippies

The ivy-covered center for intellectual and expansive thought was the site of political rallies back in the day featuring the likes of Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, and the Black Panthers.It’s also home to Group W Bench, the oldest running head shop on the planet.The air here is at a near constant 2:1 ratio of marijuana smoke to actual life-giving oxygen, and were it not for the sea breeze, the stoned population would get nothing done.Not that career-building and a white-picket-fence life is at a premium here.But you still know a hippie when you see one (or smell patchouli).Now they range from free spirits on college campuses to mountain-dwelling stoners, boomers still living in the '60s, and boomers-turned-yuppies who buy expensive art.It'd be easy enough to reach for Eureka Springs or Fayetteville in this space, but instead let's drive a half-hour away from either of them, almost off the grid entirely.Anyone driving through the hollers of woody, brambly northwest Arkansas would be forgiven for assuming the place was lousy with -grade rednecks or can-hoarding survivalist types.

Once upon a time this town 10 miles from the Mexican border was a mining town full of the sorts of guys who probably would have complained about hippies. Now it’s got a colorfully painted Downtown full of “art cars” and equally colorful characters who’ve decided to drop it all and go live in the desert. Once upon a time they were the flower-power counterculture that dropped acid, drove inexplicably operative VW buses, and protested the bejeezus out of the Greatest Generation.You may recognize them from those pictures you found of your parents that you really wish you could unsee.But since when does Florida do ANYTHING like the rest of America?Florida hippies lean more Jimmy Buffett than John Lennon, wear flip-flops and shorts 24/7, live on sparsely populated islands, and lack much ambition beyond their next fishing trip. The Florida Keys, the achingly laid-back stretch of islands south of Miami lined with waterfront bars and dive shops.

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The terminus of those islands is Key West, a town with a clothing-optional rooftop bar and an annual Halloween parade -- Fantasy Fest -- that draws scantily clad hippies from all over the world.

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