Dating someone with the same birthday

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Dating someone with the same birthday

Our birthdays are always a celebration because our friends cannot forget the date. I cannot imagine now how I am able to overcome the trials we have been through as a family, as a wife, but I know that it is our love for each other that makes us go on with life, despite of.He is indeed my tadhana, my first love and, I, his.God gave us each other, and I cannot imagine my life without him.Erlinda Balamon was a librarian at University of the Philippines in Cebu while her husband worked as a bank manager in Southern Leyte. Their daughter is a nurse who is in California with her twin kids while their son manages a business in Cebu City and lives with his wife and two children.

He was there with his older cousin who helped him look for our place. He knew of my situation but he patiently persevered.Early in the morning before the bell rang for classes to start, he waited on the path that I passed by on my way to our classroom. Letters and telegrams were our only means of communication.Pursuing our relationship was not really my priority because I was so busy being a working student in my aunt’s house and in the university library. One day I told him we could not go on with the relationship because my priority was my siblings.Steve Pickering figured the chances of spouses sharing a birthday at one-in-1-million.Richard Poole -- a theater professor, not a math whiz -- guessed there is a 10 percent chance.

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Many times we fought especially when financial problems arose.