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I did, and the call was passed through."Hello, is this Ms. "To be straight up, I had anger management issues, and I lost control.

Ed Loos, a junior at Lake Forest High School, said a common reaction among students to Chris Brown's alleged attack on Rihanna goes something like this: "Ha!Teen dating violence has been identified as a growing problem. "What happened was teen domestic violence, and that is a social issue that needs to be addressed, a community issue that needs to be addressed.Nearly 10 percent of students nationwide reported being physically hurt by a boyfriend or girlfriend in the past 12 months, according to the 2009 Youth Risk Behavioral Surveillance by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There's a lot of support for battered women at places like ECHO or Refuge House, but I think the perspective of an offender would be beneficial."About that time in our conversation, a voice came over the phone, telling Conor and me that we had one minute left in our monitored conversation.We need to take it to scale, to make sure it's happening in every community."Details of the incident between singers Brown and Rihanna are fuzzy, but the story continues to create much buzz among teens across the Chicago area.Because she's 21 and he's 19, many teens see them as peers.

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Two of three new programs created by the federal Violence Against Women Act in 2005 to address teen dating violence were never funded."This incident has brought the issue into sharp focus," said Esta Soler, president of the California-based Family Violence Prevention Fund.