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Sixth, at LFW we create the best intelligent and witty pool of available members possible using our customized selection process, and together with our unique and user-tested search features, we enable LFW members to readily employ the best matching algorithm available: their very own brains. Unlike other dating sites, we do not bombard your email with so-called "perfect matches" or gimmicks.

We do not say we will not sell your email to third parties and then do it anyway or trick you into letting us do it.

Since we do not rely on advertising revenue, we have an incentive to keep the site as clean and healthy as possible. We recommend you reveal your private information to contacts you meet here only at such time you feel comfortable doing so; and please, as a rule, keep personal information such as phone numbers, address, etc., private, not broadcast on your webpage.

Like advanced social networking places, on this intelligent dating site you have the easy and immediate ability to block unwanted eyes from viewing you, or your content, and/or communicating with you unless you have given specific permission.

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Fourth, LFW contains not only unique and intelligent dating service features but also social networking options.

Also, we endeavor to make the whole process a bit enlightening, so it's possible you will be cajoled into epiphany. We're simply searching for all those a cut above the ordinary, who desire an online dating environ wherein they can feel comfortable, secure, and confident.

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Our staff is busy reviewing all pending applications.

We understand that the quiz might get offtrack with certain browsers, and let's face, taking a test can be unnerving for some no matter how it is presented or the nature of the questions.

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Third, on the back end, we actively monitor the site for inauthentic users (in case any slip through somehow) via profile verification and activity logs, and we allow all our members to easily and directly report suspicious types at any time.

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