Flirting sex hidden camera Room couple chat ciber

Posted by / 02-Mar-2019 11:31

Flirting sex hidden camera

The technology is here to make recording your sex acts cheap and simple enough that it won’t disturb the progression of your sexual encounters.

When you are recording a girl during sex, it would be wise to have her riding you on top for a while with your hands laying to your sides to clearly show that she is engaged in the sex act and loving your cock, regardless of how many Jager bombs she later claims impaired her mind.

Even though I live in Eastern Europe, where false rape accusations don’t exist, I’m ready to implement the camera precaution if conditions change.

If rape hysteria doesn’t taper down in the USA soon, I’m afraid it will begin spreading outside of the Anglo world.

Hidden cameras are getting cheaper and many models even have night vision.

Here’s one that costs under 0 on Amazon: If your budget is higher, you can visit a site like Spy and try for a camera that is wireless and can be switched on through your smartphone.

I recommend that from this point on you strongly consider recording casual sexual encounters with a hidden camera.Not only will we be required to have bedroom hidden cameras, but even dashcam-style cameras we wear when speaking with women in public locations to prevent accusations of sexual harassment.Things are about to get weird, but don’t count on anyone else to help defend you from the sexual dystopia we’re now facing. Even if you break the law with your recording, that punishment is lower than a rape charge (research your state’s law for clarification on the matter).The best advice I can give is not to show any hidden recordings to your friends and only use it when you’re facing a genuine accusation.

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We’ve just started a storm of male persecution that may take years to resolve, and instead of waiting for everything to become rosy again, you must take the proper precautions today to not be victim of a bogus accusation that could ruin your life.