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Many daters join a site for free and never take out a subscription; those that do pay, on average, £28 a month.

Dating sites vary widely in their charges and in what they offer in return.

I will definitely continue to search, message and match as you say and let's see how things go ;) Comment: Jack Spratt 28th March 2018: Just a dating 'update' from me.

So far I have been on over 20 dates and many of them have been fruitful plus nearly all have been great fun.

First, there will be a non-verbal round where we will all sit in front of each other for a minute at a time and are allowed to make noises and gesticulate. Lucy asks us to walk round the room and make eye contact with each other, before shaking everyone's hand - the rule being that you cannot let go of one man's grasp until you have grabbed someone else's. We're told to pair up and perform actions for each other to follow.

Now that we are over 50 we have so much more time for ourselves and for dating as well!Most of the messages we get are from seniors over 50 who have never tried online dating before and so we are really keen to help them out.If you are at all unsure about who to date, how to date or which free dating site to join then please do get in touch.I have also learned how to search properly and what to expect; it certainly is proving to be great fun for a very low outlay.Reply: Mike Barrett 29th March 2018: Great to see a follow-up from you Jack, thanks.

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