Girls going commando dating

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Girls going commando dating

It all started a few weeks ago, when my roommates and I were discussing underwear and I revealed that I hadn’t bought any new panties in a couple of years.I didn’t realize that this would be such a big reveal until I was met with looks of panic, shock and disgust.Yet still, for the sake of science (and the sake of perversion) I decided to go one week without any panties. I still allowed myself bras and tights because I’m not a heathen and it’s absolutely freezing at the moment.I would continue to wear a variety of outfits (as I usually do) and not let my decision to go pantless affect any other decisions in my very exciting, everyday life.If you’re wearing a very short skirt and will be getting in and out of a car, how much of your crotch do you wish to show?If you want to minimise the public display, practice how exactly you will execute the manoeuvre.Logically, I reasoned, the airiness of my outfit would keep my vag healthy and happy.

Partially due to how freaking cute new underwear is, how confident you feel when you have your sex panties on and probably due to imagined concepts of hygiene, too.

I had never gone commando before (except for a few forays into running to the shop in leggings and a massive sweater) but as a sex-posi babe, I was surprised at my own aversion to it. I worried about my pubes getting stuck in my zip and causing deep emotional trauma.

Why hadn’t I attempted to copy the B in Apartment 23 and become Tall Slut, No Panties? I worried about everyone knowing I wasn’t wearing any panties and thinking of me as an unclean pervert instead of a cool hottie without the time to worry about underwear.

Chances are your public transportation isn’t sanitized more than once a day (if that).

Whether you're running low on clean laundry, trying to avoid visible panty lines, or just enjoy feeling the breeze sometimes, chances are you've gone sans panties at some point in your life.

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  1. Obviously people are wondering how it works with a bunch of gay men in a house together. But if the guys found love within the house or whatever the case may have been—that they were more attracted to each other than they were to me—I would have given them my blessing. I don’t really know what happened while I was away so I will be seeing all of that as a viewer sees it. Maybe I could have kept somebody longer than I did. LB: It is nice that I’ve already gone down the aisle and found my Prince Charming, so to be able to watch other people fall for each other, I hope I had good advice.

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