North cyprus free adult

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North cyprus free adult

Kerynia Then we shall drive to the town of Kerynia with its snow-white houses between archways which open on to narrow streets - it resembles a coastal town in the south of France.

Further we will visit Kerynia castle, where you can observe the impact of many different historical periods Byzantine, Lusignan and Venetian as well as enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the old harbour near which the castle is situated.

Our professional guides bring to live the sites and places of interest you visit.Bring your swimming gear and towel for a refreshing swim in this popular beach front.Larnaka Ayios Lazaros church: The magnificent church was built by Emperor Leo Vl, in the 9th century.The Greek Cypriots are not allowed to return and journalists are banned.This Ghost Town is frozen in time with the shops and hotels empty but still fully equipped.

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Pafos town which was the ancient capital city of Cyprus. Solomoni You can walk through the catacombs and inside the caves and chambers. Paul were he was bound and lashed as a punishment for preaching Christianity before he managed to convert the Roman governor to Christianity.

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