Organise a speed dating event speed dating barcelona 2016

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Organise a speed dating event

If you can, use Paypal or Eventbrite to have your attendees pay for their meal and any overhead costs prior to arriving.

It makes the registration process easier and also ensures that you have the funds ready to pay the venue.

Part of the answer to this question will determine how you time your event and set it up, such as providing childcare and the type of introduction you give.

First and foremost, you want to organize a speed networking event so that people have a chance to interact with new people.

I found that a situation that lets you have tables of two set up with moderate spacing, which can then be pulled into two (or more) large tables for a meal and group chat, work the best.

If you only have a space with chairs, that will work too.

You need somewhere that won’t get too loud, too quickly, with a large group of people all talking at once!

If possible, I also recommend taking over a space completely, so that regular patrons do not feel unwelcome.

The first post in the series will cover why people go to networking events // recommended group sizes // how to choose a venue // best option for meal plans // organizing RSVPs // and designing handouts It is very important to keep this in mind!If you want to do cash at the door, I highly recommend using a Google form (free!) to track your responses and to create a wait list.Laying appetizers out in different stations with unique options also causes people to walk around the room more, to try the different food options, and make them more likely to converse with more people.There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to planning for speed networking group sizes.

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A combination of a Google form and Paypal on your website is another great way to go.

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