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Polish dating culture

The unusual gun pictured above is not some unholy abomination born in a hobbyist’s garage.It is, in fact, a Polish Army service rifle issued as stop gap measure during the Interwar Period.Markings on these rifles can be very descriptive or absolutely spartan.Arma production seems to be the most naked and offers only a Polish eagle crest, caliber stamp, and a feint “ARMA LWOW” on the left side of the receiver, which is often poorly struck and confused for an importer’s stamp.Currently, we can only speak to the wz.91/98/25 and 26 conversions.Both variants are commonly referred to as the wz.91/98/25 and the recorded difference is just a change from a one piece interrupter/ejector into a two piece configuration.

Versailles did not establish firm boundaries for the reborn country and before they were solidified Poland’s military was already actively expanding and defending them.

Remember, this stands for the “Arma” factory in Lwow which we now know as Lviv, Ukraine. N.1” which stands for Warsztat Rusznikarski Nr 1, or Gunsmith Shop No.1, which would be a workshop of the Central Weapons Works No. Any of these conversions can be dismantled to check for the original Russian date under the receiver tang.

Warsaw production appears to be much more descriptive and may display the date of manufacture on the barrel. Unfortunately, our example is either a very early production rifle or was produced by Westinghouse because there are no markings on the tang.

The peace treaty at Riga divided Ukraine and Belarus between the two nations.

This left Poles in Soviet territory and many people resentful of Polish rule.

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Reuse of the original bolt would have saved some machine time and expense and with this last bit of recycling, only the barrels, barrel bands, and bayonet lugs would have been new production.