Psychology 101 dating older people

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This is because the smell, song, or image has been paired with a memory of something important.

For example, when you see golden arches forming an M, your mouth may start to water because you unconsciously pair it with Mc Donald’s.

Cialdini’s Six Principles of Influence, described below, lay out how you can get people to say yes to what you’re asking. Reciprocity If a team member helps you with a project you might feel like you have to support her ideas when she brings them up in a meeting. It will clue you in to what they might want from you in return. Consider: You need to figure out what kind of relationship you have with your potential ally.

Or you might feel you have to purchase from a supplier that has offered you extra discounts. If you’re on good terms, directly ask for what you need. A colleague discusses an idea with you and it peaks your interest.

Having impressive offices, clothing, and hand-outs can also help with authority. Scarcity You need to alert people to what they are missing out on if they don’t act quickly.

Limit the availability of product, set a closing date for a special offer, or create a limited edition.

Identify your objectives and decide what you want from the other person. You can employ the Cohen-Bradford’s Influence Model, which looks at how to use reciprocity to gain influence, or choose to remind them of how you have helped them in the past. Keep your personal goals out of the situation—avoid wanting the last word or to be “right”. If you don’t know them well, focus on building trust. You are more likely to support that person’s proposal if you had verbally demonstrated initial interest, regardless of how you now feel. If someone else likes something, we’re more likely to like it as well, regardless of if we know them or not.

The Influence Model This model is based on the law of reciprocity—that all good or bad things we do for others will be paid back over time. Focus on work goals and ignore personal motivators. Try to get people to commit early, verbally, or in writing. While they may change their minds later on, buying it is an early commitment. They will be more likely to eventually purchase from you. People are more likely to purchase something if it is recommended to them by someone they know and trust. Generate support from people influential in the industry.

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He explored paring of stimuli to gain emotional or physical reaction. Consumer behaviors are shaped by pairing of stimuli.

A certain smell, song, or image can instantly conjure up an intense emotion in us.

In psychology, reinforcement refers to any stimulus which increases the probability of a specific response.

You can reinforce the reaction you want from your clients through positive reinforcement.

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Follow the steps to successfully influence through reciprocity. Demonstrate your popularity through testimonials and ratings on your marketing material or by highlighting the number of people using your product.