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Because Christmas at home is like a trip home at any other time of the year, but on crack. But I suppose when you return to your country of residence and look back, it’s a bit like childbirth; you just seem to forget the pain.

The first few days are like a return to your teenage years. I live in Germany, so technically, it’s more like a tenth of the way across the world, but I’m not correcting anyone.

The cold, short foggy days are accompanied by jubilant songs like “Merry Christmas Everybody”, while during the long, clear nights, the soft crooning of Shane Mc Gowan singing “Fairytale of New York” follows you down the streets and the darkness is held at bay by hundreds of lights, breaking the city into great blackness so close above and a sublime orangey-yellow glow so tightly around you.In the arranged meetings, the youngsters had 10 minutes to present themselves with their full application documentation and to make a name for themselves.This speed-dating-style opportunity offers those attending the ability to get to know a large number of young people in a short time and to pre-select potential trainees.While on a regular trip, you have the time to get bored and think of what you’d be doing back in your country of residence, at Christmas you don’t have that time.Everything seems to happen at super speed and things blend into one another.

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You don’t have to do anything, no work, no rent, no general paperwork. And then it starts, and you’re sucked into the chaos like a provincial cow in a hurricane.

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