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Some found it horrifying to read the list of 'lavender diseases' that plague men who have sex in each other's feces. Honestly, I can tell you some of them I had never heard of until years ago when I was doing research. Thank goodness for my mother teaching me that modesty is a virtue, not a curse, and that when you sleep around, you are having sex with every female the guy "you're doing" had before you.

Young, vulnerable male children being exposed to such filth in public schools is beyond shameful, it's child abuse. government as normal and healthy because you "can't help it if you're gay". Not a pleasant thought, but apparently one that never enters the mind of pre-teens, teens and adults for the past couple of decades."Chlamydia is the most frequently reported bacterial sexually transmitted infection in the United States.

Of course, the thieves in the Outlaw Congress have to borrow from the candy store ("FED") since the people's treasury is overdrawn .4 trillion and counting.

And, Christian teachers who are forced to teach such filth or lose their jobs.The birds and bees was (and still is) parental responsibility, not public schools.Parents back then didn't send their grade school sons to school to be taught it's perfectly normal to put their 'little Johnny' in another man's rectum. I wrote a news item about this back in 2004:"According to GLSEN, their mission is "about changing schools and school culture around LGBT issues and people.Of course, several years ago, the Hollywood bunch tried to glorify that mad man by putting out a sanitized version of Kinsey's perverted life, skipping the destruction he left behind."Kinsey, though married to a woman who took part in his many filmed “scientific” orgies, was a promiscuous homosexual and sadomasochist.He managed to completely upend and twist the world's perception of human sexuality in the 1950s and ’60s with his world famous “Kinsey Reports.""Even today, most are completely unaware that during his tenure at Indiana University, Kinsey facilitated, with stopwatches and ledgers, the systematic sexual abuse of hundreds, if not thousands, of children and infants – all in the name of science."Among other things, Kinsey asserted that children are “sexual from birth.” He further concluded, based upon experiments he directed and documented in his infamous Table 34, that adult-child sex is harmless, even beneficial, and described child “orgasm” as “culminating in extreme trembling, collapse, loss of color, and sometimes fainting.

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