Stuttering and dating

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Stuttering and dating

This child exhibits considerable tension and tries to avoid stuttering by using different words.In these children, complete blocks of speech are more common than repetitions or prolongations, during which children lengthen syllables or words. Many find that they stop stuttering when singing or doing other activities involving speech.The therapy focuses on helping stutterers to discover easier and different ways of producing sounds and expressing thoughts.The success of therapy depends largely on the stutterer's willingness to work at getting better.characterized by involuntary hesitation in starting or finishing a sound, such as difficulty in starting words beginning with t, or the inability to get beyond a first letter such as m or s.See also , especially the repetition of parts of words or whole words, prolongation of sounds or words and unduly prolonged pauses; (2) unfavorable reactions of listeners to the speaker's speech defect; and (3) the reactions of the speaker to the listeners' reactions, as well as to the speech problem itself and to the conception of oneself as a person who stutters.Stuttering is a speech problem characterized by repetitions, pauses, or drawn out syllables, words, and phrases.Stutterers are different than people experiencing normal fluency problems because a stutterer's disfluency is more severe and consistent than that of people who do not stutter.

Speech and language therapists diagnose stuttering by asking stutterers to read out loud, pronounce specific words, and talk. The tests will determine whether or not a person needs speech therapy.

Early interventions for stuttering enhance the child's communication skills.

Referral to a A phonatory or articulatory disorder, characteristically beginning in childhood, with intense anxiety about the efficiency of oral communications, and characterized by dysfluency: hesitations, repetitions, and prolongations of sounds and syllables, interjections, broken words, circumlocutions, and words produced with excess tension. ) a speech problem characterized chiefly by spasmodic repetition of sounds, especially of initial consonants, by prolongation of sounds and hesitation, and by anxiety and tension on the part of the speaker about perceived speech difficulties. stammering.a speech disorder usually characterized by excessive abnormal hesitations, blocks, part-word and whole-word repetitions, and audible or silent prolongation of sounds.

Stuttering starts early in life and often is inherited.

Brain scan research has revealed that there might be abnormalities in the brains of stutterers, while they are stuttering. Some cultures believe that stuttering is caused by emotional problems, tickling an infant too much or because a mother ate improperly during breastfeeding. It is believed that some drugs might induce stuttering-like conditions.

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While not an overnight cure, therapy can offer positive results and more fluent speech patterns.

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