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Tree ring dating ireland

It is also known that pine pollen disappears from pollen spectra in the north of Ireland just a few centimetres above this event in most pollen diagrams.

Is it possible that the demise of pine is linked to the arrival of those same metal-using people?

While we are talking about innundation of oaks at the south of Lough Neagh (in Co Armagh) in the period 2354 BC to 2345 BC (dated by totally independent dendrochronology), an earlier scholar with Armagh connections, namely Bishop Ussher, worked out the date of the biblical Flood to be 2349 BC (see King James Bible)!

There are several things which could be said about these coincidences, two of which seem appropriate.

Ms Hughes said that the Norwegian Ambassador to Ireland, Else Berit-Eikeland had visited the Cork Public Museum in September to explore evidence for Cork’s Hiberno-Norse origins and links.

“Some finds from the excavation were shown at this meeting including an impressive wooden weaver’s sword, a wooden saddle pommel and a distinctive wooden thread winder.

Incredibly, there is an even more bizarre coincidence.The first is a question; did the scholars who worked up the Anno Mundi section of the Irish Annals in fact use the same Biblical sources as Ussher to derive their chronology?Indeed, is it possible that the various scholars came into direct contact somewhere in Donegal?The evidence is indelible and is not going to go away.I would suggest that this is a classic "marker date" i.e.

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