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He said, “During the hour of walking around town we did not hear any insults, and to provoke some kind of reaction I suggested Tymur sits on Zoryan’s lap.

Some people were surprised and turned their heads, some chuckled, but there was no aggression.

However, eastern Ukraine, which lies in the field of Russian cultural influence, has always been sensitive to trends emerging from its erstwhile metropolitan centre.Spaniards are the most enthusaistic backers of same-sex marriage (% of people in favour) Spain- 58 New Zealand - 55 Canada - 53 Ireland - 52 Austria - 52 More Ghanaians are opposed to gay marriage than any other nationality Ghana -76 Russia - 73 Indonesia - 73 Nigeria - 69 Ukraine -67 INDIA people for - 33% people against - 44% people who don't know- 23% Source: Online survey of 51,700 web users in 51 countries by ILGA, RIWI Corp Countries which implement the death penalty for same-sex sexual acts Iran Saudi Arabia Sudan Yemen Somalia* Nigeria* Iraq** *In some provinces **IS-controlled parts of northern Iraq & northern Syria Countries where the death penalty is in the law but not carried out Afghanistan Pakistan Qatar UAE Mauritania EU & Discrimination 47% Respondents who had been discriminated against or harassed in the previous 12 months on grounds of sexual orientation 20% Those who had been discriminated against while looking for a job or at work because they are LGBT 59% Respondents who had experienced violence in the previous 12 months who attributed it partly or completely to their being perceived to be LGBT 91% Those who had heard negative comments or seen negative conduct because a schoolmate was perceived to be LGBT during their schooling A 2012 survey of over 93,000 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights in the 28 member countries found widespread discrimination.Inspired by a viral Russian video in the wake of the US Supreme Court legalising same-sex marriage, a Ukrainian couple wanted to test how people in their country responded to them holding hands around the capital A man sits on his partner's lap, holding a bunch of flowers as the gay couple chat on a bench on Khreshchatyk Street, the main street in Kiev, Ukraine."I live in Moscow and I will never hold hands with my boyfriend in public out of security; I don't want him to be fired or dead." Aleksej Korolev said that the video even showed a "moderate" reaction of the public to gay people given that it was filmed in the capital, Moscow. We need the videos like that to make the problem of homophobia more visible.(This text is published as a collaboration between OBC and Eurozine, part of the Eurozine-project ‘Beyond conflict stories: Revealing public debate in Ukraine ’ supported by a grant from the Open Society Initiative in Europe within the Open Society Foundations)Before the war, the gay community in Donbas enjoyed a well-developed infrastructure that included organized social groups, HIV Service Centres and themed clubs.

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If not for the encounter with this group of hooligans, I think, it would have been okay.

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