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The drawbacks: It has a stamped steel blade, which isn’t as strong, durable, or sharp as the ground blades of our other picks.

It doesn’t feel as nice as our pick’s steel body, and it shares the same issues with battery life and other electronics problems as all cordless trimmers.

Cheaper trimmers will have thinner blades with fewer teeth that are both shorter and more widely gapped.

We slightly preferred T-shaped blades, as they’re more equipped to handle shaping and detailing without compromising on power.

We’re not bothered by the short one-year warranty because it’s built well enough to last for years—a claim backed up by user reviews that are noticeably more positive than on any cordless tools, our pick included.

Slim, robust design: We like trimmers that are slender in shape but also durable enough to last years without breaking if dropped.

A slim design offers more visibility in front of a mirror and allows you to better monitor where you’re cutting your beard, but you still want a balance.

In 2017 we conducted new testing and interviewed a new round of experts, including: The pros at Razor’s helped us conduct fresh testing, which we compared to our test results from hands-on barbershop tests from 2014.

On a personal note, at least three of the people who have worked on this guide for the past four years have thick beards and have owned dozens of trimmers throughout their adult lives.

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