Updating db via xml

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Updating db via xml

These key definitions should be all you need to uniquely identify any piece of data that you serialize into XML.If you get an employee record for for "John Smith", it better have an employee id attached if you are to be expected to add it to your relational database.Product Model where Product Model ID=7 go --insert a new location - as first into (/MI:root)[1] ') go select Instructions from T go -- Now replace manu.

You can specify the if expression in Expression2 of the replace value of XML DML statement, as shown in the following example.

Expression1 identifies that the Labor Hours attribute from the first work center is to be updated.

Expression2 uses an if expression to determine the new value of the Labor Hours attribute.

In the following example, a document instance is first assigned to a variable of xml type.

Then, replace value of XML DML statements update values in the document.

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