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If you wish to experience the game at the highest settings, additional system memory and higher end graphics cards should be considered.If you are running below any of these requirements, you may encounter graphical issues or poor overall game play performance, which Turbine may be unable to troubleshoot.

On Windows 7 and Vista the game file " is designed to elevate and run the game with sufficient permissions on systems where UAC is in use.It also contained explanations of what was then a world with game-play techniques new to many people.Additional Notes: Please keep in mind that these are requirements we feel should allow you to run the game reliably at low to moderate settings.Perform the steps outlined in that article, but when you come to the steps asking to choose the " "Switch User").Once you have logged off of your current Windows username, log into the newly created one to test.

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In some instances though, UAC can cause issues with elevation and permissions and Vista/Win7 users receiving the 201 error after patching or updating the game should try disabling UAC as a test: How to turn off UAC (Vista) How to turn off UAC (Win7) If you do not get the 201 error with UAC off, it is most likely because the game is not being launched correctly from Turbine Invoker or due to "Run as Admin"/"Compatibility Mode" being active.