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Beta bias -this occurs when the differences between men and women are minimised.

This often happens when findings obtained from men are applied to women without additional validation.

In the biomedical view, illnesses such as depression can be explained in terms of chemical imbalances causing malfunction in the parts of the brain associated with emotion.In boys, immoral behavior is regulated through the mechanism of castration anxiety – men obey the rules because of an unconscious fear that their father will take away their penis.In the Freudian view, the girl has already had to accept her castration as a fait accompli, which raises important questions about the relative moral strength of men and women.• Has led to healthy criticism of cultural values that praise certain ‘male’ qualities such as aggression and individualism as desirable, adaptive and universal.Consequences of Gender Bias Kitzinger (1998) argue that questions about sex differences aren’t just scientific questions – they’re also political (women have same rights as men).

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He then inappropriately generalized his findings to women (beta bias) and also claimed women generally reached lower level of moral development (androcentrism).

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