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So the drama you fear creating isn't unnecessary—it's incredibly necessary.

And since you were planning to tell your parents eventually, the drama is inevitable.

), but if you're envious of your friends who are settling down with just one partner, perhaps you'd be more comfortable in an open-not-poly relationship (sex with others okay, romance with others not okay) or a hierarchical poly relationship (your primary partner comes first, your secondary partner[s] come, well, second).

Finally, ENBY, it could be the stress of having two partners who don't like each other that has you fantasizing about escape and/or one of your partners evaporating.

Since this totally straight guy sucks cock only to please a woman, there's nothing gay and/or bi about all the cocks he puts in his mouth.

It's one very particular way in which male bisexuality is expressed—think of it as male bisexual desire after hetero fragility, gay panic, denial, religion, gender norms, and football get through kicking the shit out of it.

The only thing I can think to do (besides running away) is wait and see if one of these relationships fizzles out on its own. Is wanting to be with "the one" just straight nonsense?

Engaged Now But Yearning "The one" is nonsense, ENBY, but it's not straight nonsense—lots of queer people believe that "the one," their perfect match, is out there somewhere.

The problem is my siblings and cousins have started having their own children, and seeing this relative—a member of my extended family—with their kids is dredging up a lot of uncomfortable memories.I've been having fantasies about leaving them both.It's not about wanting to find someone I like better—if I met someone I really liked, I could pursue it.I just feel like neither relationship can progress while both exist. I don't think I want to stay in this setup indefinitely. I've talked to them, and they are both having reservations about the current situation.Even if my girlfriends liked each other, which they don't, I don't want sister wives or two families. Neither of them wants some kind of three-person family structure, either.

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Each of your girlfriends might make sense independently of each other, but if having to share you doesn't work for them... I'm 27 years old and I've been married to my partner for two years.