Whats dating a wm

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To me, white women aren't the be-all and end-all of the world. There are many hot Latina, Asian, Korean, and black women that I could choose. And there seems to be a higher proportion of white snobs (Well actually, this is how I rate snobbiness in different races of females: black women -- Hispanic women.).

Unfortuantely, there are many indian, black, mexican, asian guys who put white women up on a pedestal. I could be wrong, but that is what it seems like to me. Even though he is 5'11", he's several inches shorter than some guys, so he had better be very aggressive or demonstrate excellent qualities as a mate and companion for her to choose him.

This actually deludes white girls into thinking that they are quasi-goddesses! So be warned -- if you're a white woman and if you have a stuck up attitude, it may be inadvertantly be construed as racist snobby behavior. I'll be rooting for him, although I probably won't ever see the show.

If we ever did break up it might be mutual, or it might be due to dissatisfaction from either party. I am very interested in other cultures but not disgusted with my own. Yes I do like to be unique but that is not the reason why I chose to date my boyfriend- I like him for him. Yes, my boyfriend is very attractive and intelligent, and will probably be wealthy in the future.She has that look, like she EXPECTS me to slobber all over her.Of course, maybe she's doing that because it is beautiful (and lets face it...What if he had a daughter, would he think less of her because she was asian?Thankfully my boyfriend is very secure in himself, and is proud of his asian heritage. Even if I tried to change my identity, I couldn't, I will always be white.

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I am a proud man of a proud race; Koreans won't take it lightly if they feel they are slighted in the smallest way.