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She is still managed and produced by Wilkinson and Erasmus, who have become her second family in the south ("they care for me, the same as I do about them"). She still has the same band, who play with her on the album and on the road ("I've made friends for life with all of them").

Her new album was mixed by Bob Clearmountain, who mixed her debut ("It's as if he knows what I'm thinking.

She was born in Bishopbriggs, a suburb in the north of Glasgow which was "a nice place to live, not overly posh".

She had a happy childhood: "I've never had any major trauma or anything like that."Inspired by the music of Travis, Oasis and other Britpop bands of the 1990s, she taught herself to sing and play guitar, and began writing her own songs.

Indeed, in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and elsewhere, she is way more popular than acts such as Florence and the Machine or Jessie J.

Once again the album has the word "life" in the title, for this is her big theme: the mystery, the beauty, the wonder, and, most importantly, the joy of it all."It was very easy to name this album," she says.

"I took a year out to write it and I was at home in Glasgow the whole time.

Everything is always right.")And what if this charmed pop-star life should all end tomorrow, unlikely as it seems? She would continue to write songs, which her publisher would pitch to other performers – indeed, she has already started doing this.

Or else, she says, with disarming candour, she would look for work as a tour manager.

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It is a hot summer day, but she wears a cardigan which she pulls tighter round her shoulders every so often.

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