Who is frankie delgado dating

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He uploads his pictures in Instagram to share them with his fans and loved ones.He has already tweeted in Twitter more than 3600 times and this shows his involvement in the site.When Lauren tied the knot in 2014, Frankie was one of her costars on the guest list.In March 2015, he reunited with his Hills pals Brody Jenner, Spencer Pratt, Taylor Mosher, and Doug Reinhardt in LA.When the trope is used between two people of the same sex, the results may range from hilarity, awkwardness and more rarely disgust, usually in cases of Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today? Sometimes the woman, rather than being fully nude, is merely wearing something very Stripperific.Truth in Television, to a degree; most men will agree that ogling a naked woman is hardly unpleasant, but it's bound to be immensely awkward when it's someone you know (and will have to interact with later) socially.His wedding however was a good one and some very popular celebs showed up in his party.He does not have many children as he has only one daughter whose name is Isabella Amalia Delgado and this proves he is not gay.

He is a superstar in social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram.

He is a tall man as he has a height of 5 feet 8.11 inches, which is around 173 cm.

He has perfect weight of 78 kilograms, which matches his height and makes him look very dashing.

He has over 164 thousand followers in Twitter and this proves his fame in the social networking site. He married Jennifer Acosta in the year 2013 and their relationship as husband and wife is going very strong till now.

He is not having any extra marital affair and is not dating anyone else.

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Frankie and Jennifer are parents to son Francis and daughter Isabella.

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  1. Cyber stalking, obsessing, over thinking, driving yourself crazy­ these are all of the unfortunate things that can happen if you let social media take too big of a role in your dating life.