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Matt Cassel spent his college days backing up Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart at USC, and his first three seasons in the NFL backing up Tom Brady.

But Cassel has never been satisfied being a “Clipboard Quarterback,” even if that dubious title fit him in the past.

He featured Manon Mathews in several of his videos.

He and model Arielle Vandenberg also created several Vine videos together.

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I think that’s why I had longevity in this league is that if you perceive yourself as somebody who’s just in a backup role and happy to be there, then I don’t think you ever strive to get better, you know?

Since then, Cassel has been determined to re-establish himself as a starter.

He had multiple offers after the 2012 season but took less money to go to the Minnesota Vikings because he felt he had a better chance to start there.

“He brings a lot of energy and, like I said, he’s had a chip on his shoulder since high school and college playing behind bigger-name players.

He’s kind of built for this situation.” The Cowboys like how much experience Cassel brings to the table.

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