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World dating series wiki

Yvette calls herself one of God's messengers, tasked with locating the 36 righteous souls of this generation, of which Kevin is the only one known to be left.Yvette tells Kevin that not even she knows what happened to the other 35 righteous ones, and that they'll have to let the universe guide them.After getting fired from his Wall Street job and surviving a suicide attempt, Kevin Finn returns to his hometown to live with his twin sister Amy, a widowed mom, and her teenage daughter Reese.While Amy is away at a work assignment, a meteor crashes to earth near her home.The series also explores a mystery, as there are supposed to be 36 righteous souls in each generation, but for unknown reasons, Kevin is the only one known to be left.As of the season one finale, Kevin has located three other righteous souls, and in a surprise revelation, allowed Yvette to appear in front of Amy, as she is now called upon to help Kevin in their quest.Kevin, a down-on-his-luck man who survived a suicide attempt, moves in with his twin sister Amy, an engineer and professor at the local college, and Amy's teenage daughter Reese.

But now that Deb is healthy, she reveals to Kevin that she does not want to get married. Yvette meets with Ava, a celestial messenger like herself.

Also, Nathan tells Reese he wants to ask Amy out on a date, but Reese will not give him permission.

Kevin sees a vision of blue butterflies, and follows one to an art class held by Ethan (Enoch King).

She explains that Kevin needs to strengthen his soul by performing good deeds.

While helping the son of a brewery pub owner find his true path, Kevin reconnects with his ex-girlfriend Kristin and the two sleep together.

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A dumbfounded Amy observes, and starts seeing Kevin the way Reese has seen him.

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