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The main architect for the project was Jean-Baptiste Vallin de la Mothe, whom Shuvalov invited from France to become the first professor of architecture at the Academy.

De la Mothe was helped by Yury Felten and Alexander Kokorinov, who would become the first Russian professor to teach at the Academy. Petersburg, the Academy was only completed in 1788.

He went on to say that their actual love life was way better than the chemistry epitomized on the set.

On the suggestion of Count Ivan Shuvalov, Empress Elizabeth issued an imperial decree for the foundation in St.

She met Jackson on the set of Sherlock Holmes and the two hit it off famously.

Fans were sad to see the back of this romance in 2013.

This however has to be hands down one of Rachel’s shortest relationships, with the going rumor around LA being that they lasted a little more than a month.

We all have one of those at some point in our lives, I suppose.

The Exes remain friends till date and attended the same party in LA 2015.

Suffice to say Mc Adams finds love on the set a lot of time.

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Catherine herself laid the foundation stone of the building in 1765, and also insisted that at the centre of the building there should be a circular courtyard matching the dimensions of the dome of St. As well as its elegant facades, the building boasts some superbly decorated interiors, particularly the entrance hall, the main staircase, the Raphael Hall and the Titian Hall.

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