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Www dating lt

Because even he could admit that the Goa’uld and the Ori were pretty fucked up. “You always get that Asgard that it should have been us.” Mc Kay snorted.He didn’t like to think about their Replicators—the bug versions—because frankly that was on a level of fucked up that would give him nightmares. “You’re thinking about our feral Asgard again,” Rodney claimed. “You know they named ships after O’Neill and Jackson and then promptly got them destroyed in the Replicator war. “No Santa, no Tooth Fairy, no Easter Bunny, no God.“But you don’t think it does.” “I think he’s career Navy and religious enough to have served as a chaplain that entire time,” John murmured.“I figured I’d talk to O’Neill about it if things get weird.That’s what he’s here for after all.” “Right.” Mc Kay pushed aside his empty tray. She says I make her uncomfortable.” “You don’t even talk to her,” John pointed out unnecessarily. ” “Apparently,” Rodney began and then waved a hand.“You even avoid the infirmary when she’s in there which could be a problem if you were gravely injured or something. “I’m taking our break up too well and that hurts her feelings and creates a hostile work environment.” John’s mouth dropped open. ” “At least she didn’t put that down as her reason for leaving the city,” Rodney muttered. “I have work and don’t you have some paperwork to delegate to Lorne?The IOA loves to make me explain my very cruel intentions concerning my underlings.” “She’s the CMO—she’s not an underling. “Still, I think if she were honest about how I’m hurting her silly little feelings with my epically stoic resolve—I’d end up back on Earth being interviewed about my behavior.” “Epically stoic resolve? Keller broke up.” Rodney huffed and filled up his coffee cup before going to his desk.

Thirty-four days after he’d realized that the agony twisting around in his chest every time he saw Rodney and Jennifer together was jealousy. “You know the great thing about having O’Neill on the city? “I wonder how long the bacon will last.” “Hopefully as long as it takes you to finish the new programming on the gate bridge.” John chased a fruit loop around in the milk. They’re doing tests with organics now—mostly plants and the like.

“A whole generation of kids huddled in their bed wondering if a childhood icon was really a pervert in disguise.” “Well, it wouldn’t have been much of a disguise,” John said with a grin. “I did try to inform most of my obviously gay people that just because DADT was abolished that it wasn’t going to turn all of these pretty, tight assed Marines gay for them.” John smirked.

He flicked his spoon through his milk and sighed when he realized there were no more fruit loops. “I’ll be sure to tell the Marines you think they’re pretty, Rodney.” “You know what I mean,” Rodney said with a frown.

“We sort of owed him one, I guess.” “I suggested a stasis pod but that was apparently untoward.” Mc Kay rolled his eyes. “Apparently that was .” “They wouldn’t have felt that way if they’d woken up and found Todd lounging on the bed beside them.” Sheppard snorted then shuddered at the mental picture that accompanied Mc Kay’s observation.

Though it was certainly true—the people on Earth hadn’t seen Todd as a monster.

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It just seemed to him that they’d gotten off kind of them. He was pretty pissed that they got the nice, helpful Asgard while he got stuck with the anal probing feral kind who liked to kidnap his astrophysicist. I’m not so sure I like the symbolism behind that.” “Right.” John frowned and chased after a few AWOL fruit loops with his spoon. It was such a relief to realize my parents had been pathologically lying to me about the whole thing.” He waved a hand.