Yahoo dating scam email address interracial speed dating los angeles

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Yahoo dating scam email address

You will never see any of the promised money because there isn’t any.And the worst thing is, this scam is not even new; its variant dates back to 1920s when it was known as ' The Spanish Prisoner' con.This scam, like most scams, is too good to be true.Yet people still fall for this money transfer con game.A common variation is a woman in Africa who claimed that her husband had died and that she wanted to leave millions of dollars of his estate to a good church.In every variation, the scammer is promising obscenely large payments for small unskilled tasks.Most of us dream of hitting it big, quitting our jobs and retiring while still young enough to enjoy the fine things in life.

They will promise you a large cut of their business or family fortune.Remember: reputable credit card companies do charge an annual fee but it is applied to the balance of the card, never at the sign-up.Furthermore, if you legitimately clear your credit balance each month, a legitimate bank will often wave the annual fee.Most of you have received an email from a member of a Nigerian family with wealth.It is a desperate cry for help in getting a very large sum of money out of the country.

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Because it was born out of hacking techniques, “fishing” is stylistically spelled "phishing" by hackers.